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New Lease of Life: Wynyard Prepares for Second Innings

MADISON REIDY Last updated 11:51, April 4 2017

Luxembourg-based investment company, Boundary Holding SARL SPF, has completed the acquisition of Wynyard Advanced Crime Analytics software from the New Zealand-based software firm, Wynyard (NZ) Limited.

Boundary Holding has also purchased the Trademark “Wynyard” and Logo and certain credentials of the New Zealand based software firm Wynyard group.

The new owners have assumed the responsibility of Wynyard Advanced Crime Analytics operations and are already in the process of reviving its fortunes.

Boundary Holding is run by computer scientists- turned-entrepreneurs, who possess masters from the University of Texas at Austin, and have multiple businesses in data security, analytics and homeland security.

To maintain continuity, all existing customers using the Wynyard Advanced Crime Analytics products will be provided continual support and long-term product roadmap.

The new management has promised to uphold the cultural identity of the company.

News, Events & Blog

Wynyard Focuses on Partnership With System Integrators to Expand US Operations

The Wynyard Group, market leader in innovating Advanced Crime Analytics (ACA), has relaunched its operations in the United States by opening its office in the Silicon Valley, California.

Rajat Khare, founder & CEO of Boundary Holding SARL SPF, new owners of Wynyard Group Inc., says: "To expand operations in America, we were engaged in talks with tech veterans in Silicon Valley and found Arvind, a serial entrepreneur who hails from Smart Cities background."